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5 SciFi book suggestions based on the one you loved.

Ideas and proposals from the Reddit Community

🌘 Discover your next book based on the recommendation from the biggest SciFi community in the world. 

PrintSF and SciFi communities on Reddit.

One of the most common asks from book lovers is to get similar books based on the same genre, world-building, author, or even writing style.

App has a beautiful list of handpicked suggestions for your next read.

Book similar to Dune? Hyperion or Ender's Game?

A curated selection of books that fit based on other Sci-Fi readers.

A short note on WHY you should read these books. By other Sci-Fi lovers

Get a reason why are these books great or a short plot description to get an honest suggestion.

New books added WEEKLY

Adding the curated list of books manually based on ideas and proposals from all of you.

100% Refound policy. No questions asked.

Created by Oleg. Product Designer and SciFi lover

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Next SF Book App

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I want this!